Ultra Wide Angle Cine Zoom Lens

The parfocal design of this lens allows for zoom changes without loss of focus. Distortion is very well controlled and is virtually rectilinear showing very straight vertical lines and limited chromatic aberration when shooting wide-open.

  • EF mount
  • Super wide angle
  • Compact size
  • Parfocal lens
  • Super 35 sensor size lens
  • 300 Degree cinema focus rotation
  • Low distortion rectilinear design
  • 95mm front diameter for matte boxes
  • Right and left side focus, zoom and T-stop scales
  • 86mm filter thread
  • All-metal cine-style housing
  • 0.8 pitch for focus, iris & zoom gears
  • Minimum focusing distance of 30.5cm/12″
  • Effective 16.5 – 30mm FOV on the C300 MKIII

Available on request:

Canon CN-E prime lens kit | 14, 24, 35, 50, 85, & 135mm (£POA)

Need a Canon C300 MKIII with cine prime lenses? Call Peter now on 07831 196 346

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