Lighting Camera Operator

Highly experienced Lighting Camera Operator/Director of Photography (DOP) available with Canon C300 MKIII kit.

Peter Demetris C300 DoPPeter Demetris has been shooting video & still photography for over 25 years. He works as a director on both single and multi-camera broadcast shoots and is highly skilled at lighting setups. If you want to guarantee a great result on your next production book me along with my C300 MK III to ensure your film is shot to the highest standards.

Shooting day based on 10 hours with the basic C300 MKIII camera kit

  • C300 MK III body and accessories
  • 3 x zoom lenses
  • Tripod
  • Top microphone
  • Radio mics (2)

Additional camera kit items charged at the daily rental rate.


Need an experienced Camera Operator/Director of Photography for your C300 MKIII shoot? Call Peter Demetris now on 07831 196 346

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