Canon 18-80mm Cine Zoom

The Canon CN-E 18-80mm Servo Cine Zoom Lens is a 4K Digital Cinema Lens.

This lightweight made for video lens is far higher quality than standard EF L glass and has the following benefits:

  • Broad focal length coverage suitable for a Super 35 sized sensor
  • Maintains focus and image performance throughout the zoom range
  • High level 4K optical performance
  • Servo motors for zoom, focus and iris
  • Three modes of Image Stabilisation
  • Nine leaf iris blades create beautiful out of focus bokeh
  • Reduced focus breathing for less distortion and more consistent shooting
  • Identical colour characteristics as the existing Canon Digital Cine lenses

When used on the C300 MKII’s Super35 sensor (which results in a 1.5x crop factor) its effective focal length becomes 27 – 120mm.

Supplied with the ZSG-C10 servo zoom grip and lens support bracket

Unsure if you need this lens? Watch this short video I made for ProAv on the sister CN-E 70-20mm where I talk about my experiences of using the CN-E 18-80mm.

Need a Canon C300 MKII with this Cinema EOS zoom lens? Call Peter now on 07831 196 346

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