Zoom Lenses


Fewer lens changes equal quicker setups and more shooting, these top quality zoom lenses with fast f/2.8 apertures make shooting a breeze. All these lenses function with the C300 MKII’s Dual Pixel Auto Focus (DPAF).

The C300 MKII has a Super 35 aspect sensor so the angle of view is narrower than a 35mm DSLR. Effectively it has a 1.5x crop, but you can still achieve beautiful, cinematic, shallow depth of field with these fast, high-quality lenses.

  • 11 – 16mm = 16.5 – 24mm
  • 16 – 35mm = 24 – 52.5
  • 17 – 55mm = 26 – 83mm
  • 24 – 105mm = 36 – 157.5mm
  • 70 – 200mm = 105 – 300mm

I find the Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS the most usable Canon EF zoom lens, covering a wide to medium telephoto range for normal shooting. Even though it is not designated a Canon L lens it shares the same L-series grade UD (Ultra-low Dispersion) glass lens elements and has the added bonus of 3 stops image stabilisation (IS).

Effectively the 17 – 55mm f2.8 is a Canon L lens in disguise. It has been often said that the difference between an L lens and this one is the red paint used to create the stripe!

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