Canon C300 MKII Rental London

C300 MKII rental London | Canon Cinema EOS camera available for hire

Who am I?

I am a C300 MKII owner/operator working as a self-shooting producer/director & DOP on mostly broadcast TV productions. When I’m not working or the job doesn’t call for a C300 MKII I hire out my C300 MKII Canon Cinema EOS camera kit to other filmmakers.

Why hire from me?

I will supply you with a fully-functional, immaculately maintained, working camera kit. I can assure you mine will be the best C300 MKII package you will ever hire because I shoot with it regularly and always ensure it’s in tip-top shape. While you may be able to hire from the bigger hire companies for less they won’t deliver a fully sorted kit with all the little extras that make shooting a breeze. If you’re not familiar with the C300 MKII I can usually spend time showing you around the camera and how best to use it.

The C300 MKII  is an approved 4K & HD camera for broadcast use by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 Netflix and Amazon.

Features of my C300 MKII kit

  • Canon Cinema EOS C300 MKII EF lens mount with Dual Pixel Auto Focus
  • Canon EF professional L-Series prime & zoom lenses
  • Vinten Flowtech carbon fibre tripod with Miller fluid video
  • Zacuto Recoil shoulder mountC300 + Recoil shoulder mount for hire
  • Zacuto follow focus with rails
  • Chrosziel super wide 2 stage matte box
  • Zacuto Gratical Eye EVF
  • Discount rates for 5 days + or weekend hire
  • London collection & return
  • DOP/operator also available for hire with kit
  • Beautiful cinematic images from the 4K Cinema 35 size Canon sensor
  • Convenient Canon EOS C300 MK 2 Camera rental in London

Discount rates available for weekends or rentals of 5 days +

Interested? Call Peter now to secure your C300 MKII rental booking 07831 196 346

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