Audio kit

The C300 has two methods of audio input for maximum flexibility:

  • 2 channel XLR mic/line/48V phantom powered inputs on the monitor unit
  • Stereo 3.5mm socket on camera body, upper right
  • On the C300 MKII the 3.5mm stereo socket can feed audio tracks 3 & 4 giving you 4 inputs!

Sony radio Mic kits £25 per kit per day + VAT

  • Sony UTX-B2 transmitter & URX-P2 UHF diversity receiver
  • Sony UTX-B03 transmitter & UWP-D11 diversity receiver
  • Sony ECM-V1BMP lavalier clip on condenser microphone or
  • Sony ECM-322BMP head worn microphone
  • Two kits available

Both the receiver and transmitter run on 2 x AA batteries each (supplied) and neither require a license when used on approved frequencies.

Røde shotgun mic £10 per day + VAT

The Røde shotgun mic provides the best quality audio and using the supplied XLR extension lead can be taken off-camera and used on the Røde 2m lightweight boom pole.

The mic comes comes with a pop shield and grey softie.

Guide track mic – Free!

The Sennheiser MKE-400 provides surprisingly excellent audio quality for such a tiny microphone and has the advantage of being able to be used whenever the C300 monitor unit isn’t desired.

It has a cold shoe foot that attaches to one of the C300 mounting points where it works perfectly either as a guide track microphone or in situations where a bigger more professional microphone may attract too much attention. The Sennheiser MKE 400 also comes with an XLR adapter, pop shield and black softie.

For shoots requiring sophisticated audio a location sound recordist should couple their audio mixer outputs directly into the XLR inputs of the C300.

Interested in these accessories for your C300 rental? Call Peter now to secure your booking on 07831 196 346

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